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Over 140,000 women dies every year due to the unawareness and late diagnosis of a deadly disease called Cervical Cancer. Cervical Cancer has led to the death of our mothers, aunts, daughters, sisters, friends and well wishers.Based on this  facts, “Queen of Emerald Nigeria”, a humanitarian driven pageant seized this unfortunate opportunity to offer her assistance in creating deeper awareness on the symptoms, causes and ways to prevent and treat  cervical cancer if early detected.


To see that the death rate caused by the cervical cancer is been reduced to its barest.


Queen of Emerald Nigeria beauty contest is an annual contest, that emerges beauty queens whose primary responsibility is to see that more awareness of the deadly disease(cervical cancer) is been spread across the nooks and crannies of the Nation and beyond and also making her queens an international role models.


  • To inculcate in the contestants the need to have good sense of self humanitarian services to our Nation.
  • To create more awareness on the early detection of cervical cancer symptoms and effect of late stage diagnosis in the minds of both the young and old women in Nigeria.
  • To curb youth restiveness amongst Nigerian youths.
  • To produce International cervical cancer Ambassadors.
  • To project the winners of Queen of Emerald Nigeria beauty pageant to serve as Brand Ambassadors to other supportive company of this event.
  • Providing an enabling environment were their respective passion and talent will thrive.


  • It will instill courage and confidence in them.
  • Self discovery and self reliance.
  • They become Brand Ambassadors.
  • Secure Endorsement deals.
  • Scholarship opportunities.
  • Acquiring knowledge on etiquette, poise and carriage.
  • Contestants will automatically become International cervical cancer Ambassadors; thereby, will be involve in carrying out cervical cancer Campaign in Nigeria and beyond.

The Ideology behind Queen of Emerald Nigeria beauty pageant is broken down into two core points “BEAUTY & PURPOSE”

BEAUTY in the sense that, our potential queen(s) must be one that has good looks and possess all the essential qualities of a queen ie EMERALD

PURPOSE – she must be ready to help elevate the ignorance, young ladies get in dealing with Cervical Cancer; willing to work for humanity and also contribute her quota by giving her all for the fight of it.



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